Police Police: Celebrating youth attacked police in Ostrobothnia – Seinäjoki used gas

The young people threw cops and cans at the crowded gathering places in Vaasa and Seinäjoki.

With the police was in a hurry as usual on the school graduation weekend, which was joined this year by the culmination of the World Hockey Championships. There was enough work for the Ostrobothnian Police Department, for example, which recorded a total of 756 tasks over the weekend.

The events in Tanelinranta in Seinäjoki and Hietasaari in Vaasa attracted special attention. The police were subjected to aggressive behavior in both places favored by young people, the Ostrobothnian police are told.

“This is quite rare, at least here in the latitudes of Ostrobothnia. There have been isolated cases, but it is rare for young people to do this in groups – fortunately, ”says the Commissioner-General. Vesa Ojanperä From the Ostrobothnian Police Department.

In Seinäjoki police say a crowd of more than a hundred youths have raged in Tanelinranta as a result of a supposedly playful mass fight.

Glass bottles and full cans were thrown at the police. Some of the young people also incited others to attack the police.

“An instigator may also be guilty of a crime in the same way as the perpetrator,” the police release reminds.

The situation was brought under control fairly quickly. Police used gas to calm the situation. Five young people were arrested, two of whom are suspected of violent opposition to the official.

“The police have to use gas for this, but when it comes to young people, it is exceptional, especially in such events,” Ojanperä says.

In Vaasa the events had started after the police patrol seized alcoholic beverages from a minor.

As a result of the young man’s aggressive behavior, the police had had to catch him. A police bulletin says young people around during the arrest had started throwing alcohol at the police.

Police describe the phenomenon observed over the weekend as worrying. Chief Commissioner Ojanperä says that informing about the matter was especially important in order for the problem to become apparent.

“It’s about educating attitudes and how you approach the police. It is the police who bring peace and security to situations. In addition, the police have enough tasks without having to solve such problems, ”says Ojanperä.

Corresponding events have been rare in Finland. One of these was experienced last Midsummer, when in Helsinki, on the shores of Hietaniemi, young people threw bottles and rocks at the police and shot them with fireworks.

Two police officers were slightly injured in the case. Up to 30 police patrols were needed for the beach to calm the situation.

Prior to the events in Hietaniemi, the previous similar confrontation between the police and young people was in connection with the Töölönlahti warehouse fires in 2006.

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