Police “Clearly this year’s busiest turn” – a warm school graduation weekend took people to the streets and raised the number of police duties to pre-Korona levels

Thousands of youth gatherings in Tampere and Kuopio, in Helsinki the police emptied the popular Hietaniemi beach and the Sinebrychoff park in the center.

Warm the school graduation weekend has mobilized people and raised the number of police duties in some places to pre-Korona levels.

In Helsinki, the police said early in the night before one o’clock that they were emptying the people of Sinebrychoff Park. In his suite police said it has no opportunity to intervene in individual disturbances after dark and therefore it has been decided to clear the area.

Helsinki police released earlier On Twitter aerial view of the Sinebrychoff Park celebration. The picture shows how in some parts of the park the partygoers are more fragmented, while elsewhere the celebration seems to be more intense.

Police said earlier that they were emptying Hietaniemi beach and Tervasaari on the same grounds. Plenty of young people had gathered in the areas.

Published at midnight in the suite police said fireworks exploded in Tervasaari. There had been disorder in the area anyway.

There were also in Hietaniemi been restless and a significant amount of disorder. Fireworks had also been fired in the area.

Eastern Finland The most significant single gathering of young people in the police department was in Kuopio. It was estimated that almost two thousand young people gathered in the center of Kuopio in Väinölänniemi and especially on the beach in the area.

“Clearly probably the busiest turn of the year and I would venture to say that probably across the country,” says the Commissioner Sami Joutjärvi From the Police Department of Eastern Finland from early at two o’clock.

“At least according to the emergency call center information system, probably after the start of the corona, the toughest tasks in the whole country and in us as well.”

The end of school has led young people to gather in large numbers around the country.

Already on Saturday by the time of the afternoon there were several assaults in the area. According to Joutjärvi, Väinölänniemi was finally emptied from the beginning of the night until one o’clock. Before that, people had already had time to leave the area.

At midnight, the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department also tweeted at a brisk pace of decision-making humor. The police told Twitter about several gatherings of young people in Porvoo, Vantaa, Hyvinkää and Nurmijärvi, among others. The gatherings had matured into fights, among other things Well Jussintori and In Järvenpää In front of Järvenpää House.

According to the Eastern Uusimaa Police Department, there were still about a hundred young people celebrating in the Laivasilla area in Loviisa, and in some places the feelings had been hot. The data were based on observations made by youth workers. Some of those present were reported to be adults.

Brawl has also been in Southwest Finland. In Naantali, a mass battle began near midnight on the shores of Nunnalahti at midnight. Southwest Finland Police Department said several police patrols were present.

About half an hour later the police tweeted the situation is over. Several participants in the mass battle had been arrested.

Southwest Finland Police said also that young people in “regrettably poor condition” had come to the Turku Central Police Station survival station during the evening. According to police, guardians are asked to fetch their own young people and a child protection declaration is made for each case.

All over Inner Finland, on the other hand, there have been reports of a disturbing celebration at home or outdoors. Children and young people are also said to be among the celebrants. The Inland Finland Police Department reports this On Twitter.

Before one of the people was told started to leave Tampere’s Pyynikki. Previously in the area was told there were about four thousand young people.

According to the Inland Finland Police, there were still an estimated two hundred young people in Jyväskylä’s Tuomiojärvi.

The Ostrobothnian Police Department said On Twitter police have come to interference and noise related tasks around the area.

“After midnight, going has become very restless around Ostrobothnia,” police wrote.

In Kalajoki in turn, there was a stabbing in the evening at about ten o’clock. According to a press release from the Oulu police, the police have apprehended the perpetrator of the crime.

The Oulu Police Command Center did not comment on the events. For example, it is not known how many people are involved in the case or whether someone is injured. There is also no information on whether the events are related to school graduation.

The management center was told early in the night that there had been a lot of people on the move and that they had returned to normal on their summer weekends.

According to Commissioner Joutjärvi of the Eastern Finland Police Department, there have been some technical problems with the systems, which makes it difficult to say the exact number of tasks. However, it is estimated that there would be well over 300 tasks in Eastern Finland during the current night shift. In the case of Eastern Finland, the record figures are a couple of years old, when the number of tasks increased to more than 400 by midsummer.

According to Joutjärvi, the situation on Saturday night and the night before Sunday corresponds to school closing and summer closing weekends about a couple of years ago.

“Despite Korona, a pretty normal school closing Saturday was celebrated,” Joutjärvi sums up.




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