Peacekeeping Even the last Finns who took part in the Afghanistan crisis management operation will return home this week

The total strength of the troops in Afghanistan has been about 20 people, some of whom returned to Finland at the end of May.

Last a group of Finnish troops will be repatriated from Afghanistan this week. The end of Finns’ operations in the country is related to NATO’s decision in April to end the military crisis management operation in Afghanistan.

According to the Defense Forces, the total strength of Finnish troops in Afghanistan has been about 20 people. The first part of the troops returned to Finland at the end of May.

Finland has participated in the operation in Afghanistan since 2002. Finland’s losses in Afghanistan are a total of two dead and 15 injured.

The losses have occurred before 2015, after which Finland has participated in an operation whose tasks did not include combat operations. The mission has been to support the Afghan government in its efforts to build a secure environment for the reconstruction of the country and the strengthening of democratic structures.

The United States is expected to withdraw from Afghanistan by 11 September.



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