Parties Länsiväylä: Timo Soini was separated from the blue of Espoo – Soini considers his separation illegal

The government of the Espoo Blues deplores Soini’s activities in the municipal election campaign. According to the chairman of the Blue Future, there is no need to separate Soini from the party.

Basic Finns former chairman Timo Soini is separated from the blue of Espoo, says the local newspaper Westway.

The Espoo Blue Government deplores Soini’s activities in the municipal election campaign and deplores the association’s interests.

According to the magazine, the reason for the dismissal is, among other things, that Soini appeared with two candidates of Liike Nyt in newspaper and streetside advertisements. The ads use the old collective image of those three people.

Soini himself is not a candidate in the municipal elections.

The government made the decision last Thursday. The blues thus no longer have a representative on the city council.

Soini considers its separation from the blue of Espoo illegal.

Soini writes on his blogthat the dismissal is unlawful because he has not been heard or contacted. Soini says he will respond to a request for clarification in accordance with the rules, if he receives one.

Soini says in his blog that he has given permission To Jukka Kilvel and To Jonna Löflund to use the image.

“At my request, I could have given the same permission to the blues of Espoo if they had asked, but no one asked,” Soini writes.

Kilpi was elected authorized representative in the last municipal elections, and Löflund was promoted to the Espoo City Council. After the party disbanded, they moved to the blue group. Now they have also resigned from the Blue membership and are nominated for the Movement Nyt list.

Blue future chairman Kari Kulmala has told To the Democratthat, despite the decision of the local association, there is no need to separate Soini from the party.




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