Nature We want Kivinoka to be even more refreshing: a camping area and a cycling route are planned

It is planned to build new bicycle paths, walking routes and services for Kivinoka. More sauna places are promised.

Helsinki’s Kivinokan a lush, nature-friendly headland near the Old Town is to be developed to serve the recreational needs of more people.

This is the aim of the town plan proposal and the town plan amendment proposal, which will be decided by the Urban Environment Board on 8 June.

According to the proposal, Kivinokka will remain largely unchanged. However, there are plans to renovate the area for recreation and tourism.

About the changes says the landscape architect Maija Lounamaa. There are more than 600 summer houses in the Kivinoka area, and according to Lounamaa, 13 of them are to be moved to a new location.

In addition, more cycling and walking routes will be built. Similarly, cars will have two streets and two service driveways.

“It is as if you can get around Kivinokka as a new cycling beach route, although it only follows the beach in places. Much of it is based on old routes, ”says Lounamaa.

“Cycling routes are not made into any high-speed bananas, but ones that also take pedestrians into account.”

The proposal also includes new construction sites, including saunas for two summer house associations. In addition, it allocates space for a public sauna, a new coffee kiosk and a service building in the harbor.

The conditions for the development of tourism will be created in the area of ​​the manor. Places such as a camping area, camping cabins and two accommodation buildings are proposed there, Lounamaa says.

He also mentions plans for a local recreation area on the west-southwest shore of Kivinoka. “That’s where the formula allows for new functions.”

Kivinokaiset ry’s chairman Antti Möller commends that the association has been able to be involved in drawing up plans for the future of Kivinoka. Almost 400 of Kivinokka’s summer houses are under the association’s.

“As a whole, the proposal for the future of Kivinoka is quite good. For example, a new playground near the football field is good. There will be new piers and new saunas, ”Möller lists.

However, a couple of grievances he mentions.

“A bike path route is planned over the edge of the beach, meaning it would split part of the small beach. And the beach is extremely crowded on warm summer days, so space is needed. ”

It would therefore not be desirable to hand over the beach area to the cycle path.

“I also don’t consider the bike path safe. For example, children throwing frisbee run in the area, so there is a risk of collisions with the wheels. ”

Möller thinks it would be good not to make the bike path all the way to the beach.

Second as a disadvantage, he cites the transfer of the cottages out of the way of the walking route. The route would run from the beach to Maija Café. “There is no reason to remove the cottages, but this walking route can meander in the midst of the cottages just like the walking routes elsewhere in Kivinoka,” says Möller.

Apartment buildings were planned for Kivinokka in the last decade, but the plan aroused a lot of opposition, and the Helsinki City Government pitted the plan.




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