Municipal elections To Sanna Marin Halla-aho: “Let’s get past the Coalition so that you get excited” – MTV’s election exam clashes over employees’ rights

“We currently have a Green Left government. Is it happening to us at the moment that a person gets a salary that makes a living, especially in cities? ” Halla-aho asked.

Basic Finns chairman Jussi Halla-aho and Chairman of the SDP, Prime Minister Sanna Marin and the chairman of the Left Alliance Li Andersson clashed tightly over the universality of collective agreements and workers’ rights in MTV’s election exam on Tuesday night.

In the exam, Halla-aho confirmed that in her opinion, the universal binding nature of collective agreements is not a “sacred cow” for Finns.

Universal binding means that an employer who is not a member of an employers’ association must also comply with the provisions agreed in a national collective agreement representing the sector concerned.

“You don’t mind breaking universal binding. In other words, you do not see a problem in dismantling the system that has secured the minimum working conditions and the minimum wage in Finland, ”Andersson blamed.

“We currently have a Green Left government. Is it happening to us at the moment that a person gets a salary that makes a living, especially in cities? Do we realize that people are creating jobs here? ” Halla-aho struck back.

Halla-aho said, that instead of “individual mechanisms”, the Basic Finns are pursuing a policy that will create more jobs in the private sector in Finland and leave more money in people’s hands. According to him, both parties, both employees and employers, must have sufficient bargaining power.

Marin said he listened “very confused” to Halla-aho’s speech.

“It’s not a single mechanism when we’re talking about something as fundamental as universality in collective agreements. [–] That’s what has ensured that we have a minimum wage, we have working conditions in order, we have a system at all where people can make ends meet in working life, ”he said.

“This is a very big change of line, it goes past the Coalition so that it is buzzing. This is incomprehensible talk from a party that supposedly considers itself a Labor party. Incomprehensibly!” Marin exclaimed.

Municipal elections the campaign is currently undergoing a final roll-out: advance voting ended on Tuesday and the actual election day is Sunday. According to opinion polls, Basic Finns have made a significant leap compared to their previous municipal election support.

Halla-aho’s and the left’s words in the MTV exam are a continuation of the pecking that began at Halla-aho’s end of May line speech. In a speech critically criticized by the Demares, Halla-aho estimates that the trade union movement and the business community will not be able to agree on the necessary measures to improve employment in Finland.

“The trade union movement is opposed to weakening unemployment security and redundancy protection, increasing local bargaining and deregulation of collective agreements, and restricting the right to strike. Likewise, it opposes internal devaluation, that is, actual wage cuts, ”Halla-aho said in her speech.

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