Municipal elections Tammisalo is a stronghold of the Coalition prisoner, the deepest green is Vallila – But where in Helsinki is the bloodiest battle for the status of the ruling party?

In the last parliamentary elections, the Greens took over a big slice of Helsinki, but the polls now promise the Coalition to take first place. Where is the race?


Last In the parliamentary elections, the map of Helsinki turned green. Green rose past the Coalition to become the largest in the city.

Polls predict in the municipal elections, however, the victory of the Coalition Party and the second place of the Greens. The order would thus be maintained, but the still life is further confused by that Anni Sinnemäki (green) is Juhana Vartiaista (kok) more popular as mayor.

It is also worth noting that, despite the maintenance of order, the polls predict an increasing number of votes for the Sdp, the Left Alliance and especially the Basic Finns lurking in the next places.

It is therefore possible that the mayor will come from a completely different party, even if the others have a longer stance to take. In this story, however, we focus on previous gold and silver medalists.

In which area is the tip most sensitive to change? Let’s look at the situation in Helsinki on the basis of four examples, the two previous municipal elections and the two previous parliamentary elections.

Coalition fort: Tammisalo

Last In the 2019 parliamentary elections, 47.5 per cent of people in the Tammisalo constituency voted for the Coalition. This sounds completely overwhelming, but compared to the municipal elections, the result in Tammisalo collapsed by ten percentage points.

In 2017, the mayor of Helsinki was elected for the first time. Across the city, nine percent of voters cast their ballots directly To Jan Vapaavuori (kok). In Tammisalo, Vapaavuori alone collected 23.1 percent of the votes.

There was no such clear rake in the parliamentary elections. Thus, as a percentage, the Coalition’s strongest areas came the hardest. Votes were more evenly distributed among many people, at the forefront of experienced politicians visible in the politics of the kingdom, such as Vartiainen or Pekka Haavisto (green).

Only a small slice of the vote went green, even though they have been in clear silver for a long time in Tammisalo. The clearer rising was the Basic Finns.

The turnout in Tammisalo has been the highest in Helsinki in all elections. It can also be seen from the statistics that the voters of the Coalition Party in Tammisalo are often on the move in advance.

In the parliamentary elections the Coalition received a slice of the larger section of the previous election in only one constituency: Santahamina.

By the way, the Coalition lost votes in even the most loyal areas, but they have had a completely superior leadership position over others. Move over forty or even more than fifty percent of the votes.

At the same time, most of the center of Helsinki has been painted with spray blue, as well as, for example, the Lauttasaari and Munkkiniemi polling areas and a large slice of Laajasalo.

A dramatic change would be needed for the Coalition Party to lose its number one position in voting areas such as Kaartinkaupunki, Pakila or Marjaniemi.

Heart of the Greens: Vallila A

The Greens the safest homelands are located north of Pitkänsilla.

Take Vallila A as an example, where 36.4 per cent of the votes went to the Greens in the 2019 parliamentary elections. It was, in fact, less than in the previous election, although the difference is not large.

In Vallila A, the votes lost by the Greens are likely to be a clear second party to the Left Alliance in the spilled area. The Greens are not alone in their strongest areas.

In Vallila, small parties are also voted a little more enthusiastically than usual. In the previous parliamentary elections, therefore, the feminist party, the Movement Nyti, the pirate party.

Vallila also has a rake, but there is no such thing as standing behind one candidate as in the Ekenäs municipal elections. In 2017, Sinnemäki was voted 3.8 percent in Vallila A, and many other green top candidates gathered an equally handsome vote catch.

The turnout in the region has been higher than the city-wide average, at 83.6 in the parliamentary elections. In Vallila, voters from the Greens and the Left are on the move in advance.

The Greens Kallio, Alppila, Kumpula, Pasila, Suomenlinna, Käpylä, Viikki, Roihuvuori and the old part of Herttoniemi have been traditional strong countries.

In addition to their traditional areas of influence, the greens shine in Helsinki’s new residential areas, such as Jätkäsaari and Kalasatama. Similarly, in Laajasalo, a closed coalition, Kruunuvuorenranta has been green, at least at the beginning.

Both small parties: Jakomäki B

In the voting area The Jakomäki B Coalition and the Greens are both small factors.

The SDP has been number one in the region in many elections, but the Basic Finns have been at the forefront for a long time. Often, the Left Alliance has also passed Helsinki’s two largest parties.

In 2019, the Greens received a modest eleven percent of the vote in Jakomäki B. That is a slight improvement over the previous municipal elections. The Coalition’s vote share collapsed to eight per cent.

Of course, the partial explanation for this is that the voice king of the previous municipal elections, Vapaavuori, was voted on even in areas where the Coalition does not otherwise celebrate. But still only 4.3 percent. For example, experienced demar politicians Eero Heinäluoma and Tuula Haatainen were more popular in Jakomäki B.

In Jakomäki B, even in the parliamentary elections, the turnout was below the city average of 62 per cent, in the previous municipal elections the figure was a miserable 43.1 per cent. From the old statistics, it can also be noted that in this area there may be a big difference between the advance votes and the final result, as voters, especially basic Finns, are widely on the day of the actual election day.

Sdp: n and in addition to Jakomäki, there are clear fighting arenas for basic Finns in many polling areas, for example in Kontula and Pihlajamäki.

In general, however, it is not appropriate to talk about large apartment-building suburbs to the east and northeast. In the north-east, for example, the huge popularity of Vapaavuori was also reflected in apartment building suburbs in the last municipal elections and then subsided in 2019.

Even in the east, for example, Vuosaari also has traditional large constituencies loyal to the Coalition. In the parliamentary elections, the Greens also took over in Myllypuro.

Power changes easily: Meilahti

Last In the parliamentary elections, a significant part of the map of Helsinki’s voting area turned green. This was especially the case in neighborhoods where the situation has already been fairly flat or the map resembles a patchwork.

Take, for example, Meilahti B. In many previous elections, the largest party in the constituency was the Coalition Party, but the difference with the Greens in second place has been negligible from time to time.

In Meilahti, people vote more hardly than the city average, but no party can boldly claim to have been superior in the region.

In the parliamentary elections, the Greens passed. Compared to the previous municipal elections, the victory of the Greens in Meilahti was rather insignificant, but the Coalition lost a bit of its foothold here as well.

Green conquered small polling stations within their own strong areas, such as Merihaa and Herttoniemenranta, in the parliamentary elections.

The Greens have also gradually crept past the Coalition, for example in Ruoholahti, part of Taka-Töölö, Pikku Huopalahti, Munkkivuori, part of Oulunkylä and The Hague. Some of the polling stations also turned green in detached house areas, such as Tapanila and Maunula.

Will the once conquered area remain green even now? It is not possible to know it before the evening of election day, but then it is worth focusing on these areas in particular.

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