Movies Russia will not allow director Kirill Serebrennikov to Cannes, even though new film competes for grand prize

The sentence of Serebrennikov, who was sentenced to parole, is suspected of being political because, for example, the director opposed the conquest of Crimea and has visibly advocated for the rights of sexual minorities in Russia.

Supervisor Kirill Serebrennikov can’t get from Russia to the Cannes Film Festival even with his latest film Petrovy v grippe (In English Petrov’s Flu i.e. Petrov’s flu) competes for the Golden Palm award. For example, the news agency Afp and Variety.

Serebrennikov was sentenced a year ago to three years in prison and fined for embezzlement. The verdict includes a travel ban abroad until the summer of 2023.

Serebrennikov was arrested as early as 2017, followed by a long period of pre-trial detention and house arrest. Because of this, Serebrennikov did not get to Cannes either in 2018, when he was praised Letohis film (Summer) led the international public to show its popularity.

Last year’s sentence has been widely suspected of being political, as Serebrennikov, for example, opposed the conquest of Crimea and has prominently advocated for the rights of sexual minorities in Russia. Several human rights, freedom of expression and artists ’organizations have time to demand a waiver of charges.

The embezzlement verdict concerned the activities of the director of the Gogol Center in Moscow and the founder of Sedmaja Studio, the seventh studio, although many of the allegations could be proved false during the trial. According to press reports the prosecutor, for example, argued that the Gogol Center had never presented a budgeted one Summer night dream although the production was seen by thousands of people.

In February of this year, Serebrennikov no longer received an extension in the management of the publicly funded Gogol Center.

Serebrennikov has managed to publicize success stories despite long periods of pre-trial detention and house arrest.

About a homosexual leap and a ballet legend Rudolf Nurejevista the narrative ballet was finally allowed to be performed at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow in December 2017, although Serebrennikov was not allowed to rehearse after the arrest to complete the direction.

He came up with an idea Nurejevin collaboration with the ballet choreographer Yuri Posohov and the composer Ilya Demutsky with. HS was at the premiere and reported public enthusiasm and even the president Vladimir Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov positive attitude.

Also SummerThe film had to be shot largely during Serebrennikov’s arrest, although he was allowed to edit the end result at home.

Serebrennikovs have the magical ability to implement topics that turn out to be surprisingly topical. Summer tells of young rock musicians from the 1980s in the Soviet Union, such as the band Kino Viktor Tsoista. His then Perementheir songs went up last summer As a symbol of the uprising in Belarus.

Premiere in Cannes Petrov’s flu based on Alexei Salnikov to the 2018 novel and tells the story of a flu-like man whose everyday life is ordinary, but internal and soon apparently even external life more and more surreal and extreme. Petrov’s flu then begins to spread, resonating with the exceptional circumstances of the current pandemic.

You can watch a commercial for the new movie behind this link or the accompanying immersion.

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