Motorsport The Finnish drivers’ World Rally Championship in Sardinia was immediately ruined: “We hoped that the bad spiral would be broken”

Today is gassing Hyundai in colors after the opening day in the lead.


Sardinian The World Rally Championship started poorly for Finnish WRC drivers after M-Sport Ford Teemu Suninen overturned his car already in the first special stage. Suninen’s display at the wheel of the WRC-Ford was wasted.

“It had a slightly longer straight line, followed by a slow right turn. I pulled the handbrake and the engine stopped. We went a couple of feet wide and got stuck. I have to find out what was the real cause of the strange engine malfunction,” Suninen explained.

For Suninen, who is fighting for next year’s WRC racing, the suspension was a giant bump. To his very own spike, the man refused to take the exit.

“The situation has already divided opinions. The manager blamed the drivers, but the people who have watched the situation on the telly have disagreed. In any case, it was a huge disappointment,” Suninen said.

Friday morning in the last stretch, Toyota, on the other hand, got into trouble Kalle Rovanperä. The suspensions of the right front wheel were disappointing, and the young Finn stayed along the route.

Rovanperä was second in the race before his break.

“The day got off to a surprisingly good start. On the four-piece, the suspension broke down for some reason. There was no hit, or at least I didn’t notice anything myself. It broke up quite unexpectedly,” Rovanperä summed up.

The young Finnish star has suspended the previous three World Rally Championships. Stable boss Jari-Matti Latvala trusts his protector to deal with a mentally difficult situation.

“Of course, we hoped that the bad spiral would be broken. I know from my own career that this kind of eats a man. We don’t yet know the reason why the suspension failed,” Latvala said.

“It must be remembered that Kalle was at a very good pace and has not made any mistakes himself. When he has done his best, it is not worth worrying too much. We as a team have to find the reason why the suspension failed,” Latvala added.

The rally will be led by a Hyundain after Friday Ott Tänak before his teammate Dani Sordoa and Toyota Sebastien Ogieria.

Jari Huttunen will run second in the WRC2 class and eighth in the general race after Friday.




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