Middle East Israel claims the tower block it destroyed in May was an instrument of Hamas e-warfare

The building, which collapsed in the air strike in May, housed the delivery of several international news media.

Israel the army said on Tuesday that the Islamist organization Hamas had used the Israeli air strike last month destroyed apartment buildings as a tool for e-warfare. It is alleged to have disrupted air defense.

Opinions were reported, for example, by the news agencies AFP and France24.

The house also housed editorials from the Associated Press (AP), a U.S. news agency, and Al Jazeera, a Qatari media outlet. The AP has questioned Israel’s claim and demanded evidence to support it.

“The AP continues to demand that all evidence held by Israelis on the matter be made public so that the facts are known to all,” the news agency said in a statement.

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Israel the latest statements on the matter were published in Washington, where Israel’s U.S. ambassador Gilad Erdan met with representatives of the UN and the AP.

“[Tornissa sijainnut] the unit was developing an electronic interference system for use against the Iron Dome, ”the military statement said. It is called the Iron Dome Israel’s missile defense system.

The Israeli Defense Forces added to the envoy’s statement that Hamas would have kept special equipment in the apartment building for this purpose.

“The shock was designed to collapse the building to ensure that the special equipment was destroyed,” its statement said.




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