Lithuania Newsweek: Lithuania suspects Belarus of organizing asylum seekers across the border

At the end of May, Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko threatened the EU with “migrants and drugs”.

Lithuania authorities suspect Belarus is directing asylum seekers to the Lithuanian border. About it news including the US newspaper Newsweek.

According to the newspaper, the Lithuanian Minister of the Interior Agnė Bilotaitė suspects that neighboring Belarusian authorities may be assisting asylum seekers from the Middle East, including Belarus, to Lithuania.

“It is obvious that there is a hybrid war against Lithuania, and illegal migration flows are one way,” Bilotaitė said, according to Newsweek.

“The flow of illegal immigrants traveling to Lithuania is not an occasional one. This is well organized. There are flights from Baghdad and Istanbul to Minsk. ”

Last on Sunday, Lithuanian authorities arrested nine Iraqi asylum seekers who had arrived at the border via Belarus.

This is not just one group of Iraqi asylum seekers. Last week, Lithuanian border guards arrested 52 migrants at the border. The detainees were nationals of Iraq, Syria, Belarus and Russia. Most of them applied for asylum in Lithuania.

This year, about 160 asylum seekers have arrived in Lithuania from Belarus, which is three times more than last year in total.

Lithuania, like other EU countries, is critical of the authoritarian regime in Belarus. Lithuania has also become an important refuge for the Belarusian opposition.

Lithuania and Belarus share a border of about 680 kilometers, which is also the EU’s external border.

EU and Belarus relations cooled last summer when the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko took the election fraud fraudulently and then began to violently suppress opposition protests.

In May, the EU imposed further sanctions on Belarus after Belarus forced a passenger plane in its airspace to land in Minsk over a forged bomb threat. In Minsk, Belarusian authorities arrested two opposition members on board.

At the end of May, Belarusian leader Lukashenko threatened the EU with “migrants” and “drugs” in protest of new sanctions.

“We stopped migrants and drugs – now you have to catch and treat them yourself,” Lukashenko said in a speech on May 26, according to Newsweek.

Finland was amazed at the beginning of 2016, when asylum seekers suddenly began to appear across the Russian border.

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