Life Are you a man and have experienced performance pressures related to sex? Answer the survey

Many men experience sex-related performance pressures that may also be reflected in erections. HS is now gathering readers ’experiences on the subject.

Multi the man has experienced a situation at some point in his life: Things have progressed with an interesting partner to the point where he begins to take off his clothes. Then suddenly the erection stops.

Maybe it’s time to put on a condom or the mind has crept into uncertainty. Or maybe the person is new and accompanied by excitement.

The situation is normal, but still many men may take it hard to stop an erection, no matter how you think it hurts.

HS is now gathering men’s experiences of sex-related performance pressures and how they may be reflected in getting or maintaining an erection.

Have you ever been in a similar situation and how has it felt? Can you talk about it with friends or partners? Have you come up with help for situations or learned to accept that sex doesn’t always work out as planned?

And what things in sex make you excited or cause performance pressures?

Comments from respondents who have left their contact information may be used in the story. The reporter may also contact those respondents who have given permission for an anonymous interview.




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