HS Vantaa “She will never come to us again” – The dead woman stepped in in the middle of the memorial service, and the Tikkurila paint factory experienced an all-time shock


The US company PPG is buying the traditional Tikkurila paint factory. Barefoot Tikkurila-based Ritva Nordlund has a close connection to the factory. His mother was already there at work.

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Ritva Nordlund in front of the chimney of Tikkurila’s old refurbished incinerator. According to Nordlund, the paint factory was already a progressive employer in the 1960s. The factory had its own doctor, and every day the nurse and workers received a loan from the maintenance fund if necessary.

Hannamari Ahonen


Former employee of Tikkurila Dye Mills Ritva Nordlund felt longing when he first heard this spring that his old job was being sold to Americans. The US company PPG Industries is becoming the new owner of Tikkurila Oyj.

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