HS Hyvinkää A rare car has been dusted in a Finnish barn for years – Its background reveals the story of love and bureaucracy on the Arabian Peninsula


Reima Okkola bought a Jaguar car for his wife in the mid-1990s in the United Arab Emirates. Now the car is dusting in a Finnish barn and Okkola is trying to get rid of it on a tight schedule.

AuctionT.com is car for sale, which is not normal. This is the 1986 Jaguar XJSCV12 that looks like it exploded from the outside.

The announcement states that the open-air Jagge has been imported from the United Arab Emirates to Finland for restoration. According to the announcement, the car has originally been golden, but it has been painted red.

Jaguar trading Reima Okkola lives in Dubai, but temporarily resides in the estate of the estate in Hyvinkää.

Okkola says that he bought a car for his wife in the mid-1990s from the Sultanate of Oman. Okkola was living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the time, with his wife.

“The son of a local BMW dealer had bought a Jaguar for himself. However, the father did not look at the purchase well, and the son gave up the car and put it up for sale, ”says Okkola.

Jaguar was originally golden. However, the color of gold was not considered suitable for the car in Oman, and the first buyer painted the car red.

Okkola’s wife died in 1998, and the car had no use since then.

“Jaguar was in Dubai for a long time. Inheritance issues there are complex, and it took many years before the car passed into my ownership. Before the car became my property, it could not be registered and the car was in poor care. ”

Okkola brought Jaguar to Finland in 2011 and has since kept it in a barn in southern Finland.

“It was meant to put the car in order. When that hasn’t happened and my kids didn’t want the car for themselves, I try to find a buyer for the car who will refurbish it. I am now in Hyvinkää for about a month before going back to Dubai. The goal is for the deals to be created before I leave. ”

The Jaguar was originally gold, but was later painted red.

The Jaguar has been driven 130,000 kilometers.



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