HS Helsinki Oblique trash cans appeared on the streets of Helsinki, where a cyclist can throw their trash when passing by

The city is experimenting with new rubbish bins specifically for cyclists as part of the Fillaroiva stadi campaign.

The city center yellow metal pipes appeared along the bike lanes in May, where riders can throw their debris along the way.

There are a total of ten rubbish bins: two in Töölönlahti, Pohjoisranta, Hämeentie and Baana, and in Merikannontie and Kaisaniemenpuisto, one in each.

Trash cans are part of a campaign called Fillaroiva stadi to promote cycling in the city. The filling stadi is part of the city’s participatory budgeting Omastadi project.

The communication and marketing campaign was underway in May, but some of its results will remain in the cityscape for a longer period of time, says the interaction planner in the urban environment industry. Annika Alén.

Yellow bins were installed on an experimental basis. The model was sought from Copenhagen, known for its cycling culture, where similar dishes are found all over the city, Alén says.

“We wanted to consider cyclists in a positive way.”

Dishes were not found ready-made in the order catalog, so they were manufactured as prototypes. Now the city is gathering user experiences about trash cans.

Opinions have come especially on social media channels. Of particular concern in the discussion is the design of the containers. An open container is feared to give birds easy access to dig the debris.

“Experience shows how these work and whether there is anything that should be developed,” Alén says, saying similar dishes have worked well in Copenhagen.

However, it is still too early to say whether the tubular rubbish bins will work and become a permanent part of the city’s bike network.




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