HS Helsinki Exhausted deer in the heat snorted on a Helsinki beach – Researcher explains why hot weather is a nightmare for them

The hot summer makes the deer look for places to cool off. A couple of deer found a suitable place in Kallahdenniemi.

Warm summer evenings attract both people living in the city and animals to the beaches.

On Wednesday evening, two deer enjoyed the cooling sea air on the shores of Kallahdenniemi, and the plants on the shore also seemed to taste it.

The reason there is summer heat for the deer beach trip, says a specialist researcher at the Natural Resources Center Juho Matala.

The deer have adapted to the cold climate. For deer, a temperature of about 15 degrees can cause so-called heat stress, which the animals look for to find ways to cool down.

“That’s why they like to enjoy the water and can swim long distances at sea,” Matala explains.

From the beaches deer find edible aquatic plants. In addition to the beaches, deer thrive on islands to which they may travel swimming.

Deer usually move in larger areas during the summer than in other seasons. Adult deer prefer to avoid humans, but especially young individuals mapping their territory and surroundings may get lost near settlement.

Based on the picture and location of the deer in Kallahdenniemi, Matala thinks that the deer are young who have swum on the headland. By road, the route would probably have hit the deer tastes of too many buildings and people.




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