HS Helsinki A huge painting depicting a newborn baby appeared on the islet in front of Lauttasaari

In April, David Popa painted a huge mural for the Eastern Snake Lodge. With a baby-themed work, Popa wants to celebrate birth and life.

Few it was time to see it.

A huge painting appeared on the Eastern Käärmeluoto on the west side of Lauttasaari during the spring.

The painting was best seen from the air, as the work was painted directly on the rock surface.

In April, artist David Popa painted a picture of a newborn baby for Eastern Snake Lodge.

Two pairs of hands gently and protectively hold the newborn baby, around which the sea floats dark.

Now the rain and waves have already washed away the exact outline, and so it was intended, as the work was painted with environmentally friendly materials on the rock surface.

How was the baby painting executed on a remote islet and who was behind the work?

Growing up in New York, David Popa now lives with his family in Espoo.

In April An artist living in Espoo David Popa jumped on the sup board.

The sea was still cold, but there was a dry suit on Popa to protect the paddler.

Luoto previously painted Popa had found a suitable island for his project on one of his expeditions.

By then, he had ascended to the Eastern Serpent Lodge and experienced something powerful, almost mythical.

Luoto had addressed Pop, guided right.

“A bit like a sculptor Michelangelo, according to which the stone reveals what is inside it, ”he says.

The barren cliffs of the Eastern Snake Lodge had shown the artist human forms: There go the blood vessels, there could be a heart.

Popa’s choice was finally clear: With this islet, he would feel comfortable.

David Popa uses washable soil pigments in his works.

I create on the jagged rock Popa painted a work about a newborn baby twenty meters in diameter.

Popa’s own pit, a boy, had been born a year earlier.


The fresh memory still had dangerously advanced childbirth, parental helplessness, and eventually relief from a healthy baby.

The Crown Year had also affected Popa.

“The year had been so crazy, full of death.”

But now there was light on the horizon, Popa said. Maybe the pandemic could be overcome as well.

Project was born in collaboration with the artist Juuso Hämäläinen with the work Born of Nature II.

In it, artists celebrate life and birth.

Born of Nature II combines painting, photography, videography, music and 3D modeling.

In rock mural, David Popa is able to combine several of his interests: art, movement in nature, and sports.

Painting Popa carried out with non-toxic and natural dyes, which he mixed with seawater. Popa got a black color from activated carbon.

In January 2020, Popa told HS Espoo in more detail about his working methods.

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As colors, Popa uses natural, washable and non-toxic soil pigments.

At seven consecutive mornings, Popa paddled on his sup board to the islet and in the evenings back to the mainland.

It is just over a kilometer from Lauttasaari’s Särkiniemenpuisto to the islet. The back is open sea, and shelter is poorly available.

“It was very scary. A few nights the sea had turned pretty rough, ”Popa recalls.

“On the other hand, it’s one of the reasons I do these projects: I want to experience adventures in nature.”

The finish came just right on April 22nd. Then the whole world celebrated Earth Day.



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