Hockey The Swedes were outraged by the lion defender’s fall in the World Cup semi-final: “I think he will be ashamed later”

The Swedish SVT’s disc studio gave harsh criticism to Leion’s Atte Ohtamaa.

Finland and the final moments of the World Championships in hockey between Germany and Germany also provoked severe reactions in Sweden. Experts from the country’s broadcaster SVT strongly criticized the Lion’s Defender Atte Ohtamaa activities.

Last minute start to Ohtamaa and Germany Markus Eisenschmidin contact was made between. Expressen magazine saysthat Swedish studio experts think Ohtamaa filmed the situation.

The jury of the match, which sentenced both Eisenschmid and Ohtamaa, also agreed.

“I think he’s ashamed later,” said the former NHL star Mikael Renberg.

“He cheats the judges and makes them look bad. I want this off hockey. I hate that, ”commented Frölunda’s head coach Roger Rönnberg.

Rönnberg considers that in similar situations there should be a right to convict the perpetrators of the filming afterwards.

According to Expressen, Rönnberg called Ohtamaa an experienced veteran who knows the significance of the match. In addition, Rönnberg admitted that there was also contact in the situation.

“But it didn’t happen that much.”

Renberg, for his part, said Finland’s victory was justified, but the events of the final moments were sad for hockey.

“He throws his head back and falls as if he had suffered a serious neck injury,” Renberg criticized.

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