Hockey The outrageous ban brought an NHL star a game ban that could solve the entire playoff series

Winnipeg have to play four matches without their best striker.

Winnipeg Jetsin Mark Scheifele got a four-match ban after tackling the Montreal Canadiens Jake Evansia in a Wednesday match.

Scheifele tackled Evans in the final moments of the match as he swirled the 5-3-finals to an empty goal.

Scheifele, one of the most important players in the Jets, did not try to block Evans with his racket, but drove over it at a fast pace.

Evans, who had a concussion, was taken out of the trough on a stretcher. Scheifele got cold and is now banned from rushing.

Scheifele was the Jets most powerful player in the regular season with powers of 21 + 42. In the playoffs, the powers are 2 + 3, and his absence can solve the series in Montreal’s favor.

“He’s played a great season, and he’s really important to us,” Defender said Josh Morrissey commented On the NHL website.

“He’s a great leader in the locker room and our most important player in the attack. He is not trying to harm his opponent. ”

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