Hockey German head coach Toni Söderholm represents a new coach culture, no more kicking trash or throwing things along walls



Hockey The World Cup in Riga culminates in special semi-finals. Finns meet each other and North Americans meet each other.

In the Finnish and German semi-finals, the head coaches are facing each other Jukka Jalonen and Toni Söderholm. Two different styles and different generations.

Canada, which has barely survived the playoffs, will challenge the United States this time, although often the situation has been the other way around.

Jalosen and Söderholm’s encounter at the World Cup level is third and the wins are 1-1. Söderholm took Germany as the winner in the opening series of the Slovak Games two years ago. Jalonen’s Lions acknowledged back in the opening round of the Riga tournament.

Jalonen is one of the most experienced contemporary coaches in the World Cup tournaments, if not the most experienced. He coached Leo in his first stint from 2008-2013. The statistics included the 2011 World Championships.

Now Jonen is going to the second episode in Leijon. The work is in progress, but the second World Cup gold was recorded in the last tournament in 2019.

Jalonen is a coach who flatters his thesis to the media, and best to believe or at least listen. He knows what he’s talking about and it’s not a shame to show it.

It is still pointless to claim that Noble is arrogant or stubborn. He just knows how to build his team, play with them and dig up every crumb of success. One of the best tournament coaches, and that’s what the statistics say.

Söderholm is another country. His coaching experience before the head coach of the German national team is as thin as tissue paper.

SC Riessersee was Söderholm’s breeding ground before the national team. The club played in the lower league levels of Germany. You hardly even need to know more in Finland.

Sölderholm, who created his career at HIFK, made his name by playing his last professional season in Germany. From there, he switched effortlessly to the coaching side and has the first World Cup semi-final of his career ahead.

In the Slovak Games in 2019, a special situation came. Germany got its superstar Leon Draisaitlin Join the World Cup.

Draisatl is a player who really belongs to the superstar of hockey and the big ones in the NHL. He and Connor McDavid keep Edmonton upright which two men can.

In Košice, Draisaitl initially played a bit towards that. He waved on the field and seemed to play in the half lights.

Söderholm dared to criticize his number one player and made the German media nervous.

I asked Söderholm in Košice, where Germany was playing his opening block, what he said to Draisatl.

Söderholm replied something like he was asking for more of his star on the field.

Here, everything culminates in the word asked. Söderholm represents the generation of coaches who ask their team for more skating, attitude, tackling or whatever the game requires at any given time.

Even the generation older than Jukka Jalo didn’t ask much of their players. Perhaps the most commonly used way to wake up a team to play better was to kick trash in the locker room or throw items along the walls. Believe in evil mokomat.

After Germany’s winning semi-final, Söderholm praised his captain in particular Moritz Müller, who took on the task of raising the team’s fighting spirit before extra time.

It is part of modern coaching that players get and take on more responsibilities outside the pitch. It is very suitable for Söderholm.

Although Söderholm’s coaching career is only a few years long, he has sent a message with a guarantee to every country following the puck.

After a victorious match against Switzerland, he pulled a media conference in four languages ​​- completely irresistible. Sweden comes from his native language, English from the world of high school disc from the United States and he learned German while playing there and while living in Munich.

Jalonen said after the Czech match that it is interesting to meet Finnish coaches. Jalonen meant Söderholm and his pair of rods from Ville Pelto, who share with their players the lessons of a former top striker.

And after all, Söderholm is also a former quality player. He even made it to the puck in the Leijona team coached by Jalonen in the 2011-2012 season. At that time, the pace was no longer enough for the World Cup, but Söderholm also played them three times in his career: 2005, 2005, 2007.

Is completely different when the countries face in the first round compared to the fact that they are facing a game where the finalist is settled.

The preliminary position of the Finland vs. Germany semi-final is the most interesting possible. It is also certain that some Finn will win.



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