Hockey Captain Marko Anttila decided the World Cup gold two years ago: Now the skipper is without goals, but the final hits would be valid for Leijon

Coach Mikko Manner emphasized the wise attack on Canada.


Lions will face on Sunday at the finals of the Canadian Ice Hockey World Championships in Riga, even though it must have been impossible for Canadians to advance from the starting block.

Canada lost their first three matches, but from there the team just writhed into the semi-finals, the semi-finals and is now playing for World Cup gold.

A renewal is two years ago. In Bratislava, Finland won 3–1.

At that time, the guarantors of victory were the goalkeeper Kevin Lankinen and the captain Marko Anttila with two goals. Jussi Olkinuora handles the Lions final game, but Anttila is so far without goals.

Lions coaches Mikko Mannerilla there is a clear vision of why Canada is in such a long tournament.

“They’re used to each other, to a big trough, and have overcome difficulties.”

The mainland stressed that Canada is playing really disciplined. They take a little cool, even compared to how little they will be distributed in the tournament. According to the mainland, Canadians have also been careful: not the high rackets that brought them by chance, nor the rackets left under the skates.

On the other hand, Finland is also known as disciplined, even so strongly, that in Sweden the wafer editor of the afternoon newspaper Aftonbladet Mats Wennerholm wrote about the disgustingly disciplined Leo team.

“Neither team is playing with the game,” Manner referred to both final teams. “Quite rarely a Canadian hockey player is provoked.”

In the semi-finals The lions attacked quite a bit against Germany. Energy went on defense.

The mainland doesn’t need an even faster attack, but instead a stronger game at the end of Canada. The mainland spoke of recognizing the situation. It is what attacking demands the most.

The lineup of lions will remain stable when Canada arrives at 8:15 p.m. MTV3 and C more will watch the match live.

Lions field:

With goals: 45 Jussi Olkinuora, in reserve: 29 Harri Säteri.

Number one: 80 Saku Mäenalanen – 24 Hannes Björninen – 12 Marko Anttila; 6 Tony Sund – 50 Miika Koivisto.

Second Five: 22 Arttu Ruotsalainen – 15 Anton Lundell – 20 Niko Ojamäki; 3 Olli Määttä – 7 Oliwer Kaski.

Third Five: 21 Jere Innala – 27 Petri Kontiola – 81 Iiro Pakarinen; 55 Atte Ohtamaa – 2 Ville Pokka.

Foursome: 38 Teemu Turunen – 13 Mikael Ruohomaa – 76 Jere Sallinen; 40 Petteri Lindbohm – 39 Kim Nousiainen.




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