Hockey Canada took their place in the World Cup final, the USA flexed surprisingly easily

Andrew Magniapane is the character of the match with two hits.


Canada will play in the final of the World Hockey Tournament when it won the U.S. 4-2 in the semifinals at the Riga Arena.

Andrew Mangiapane took the second goal of the day to lead Canada 3-1 at the very beginning of the final set. He had time to score Canada’s second goal early in the second set. Justin Danforth finished the last goal of the USA in an empty frame.

Even at that point, the situation in the US was hopeful Sasha Khmelevsky narrowed the situation to 2-3 when less than four minutes had been played in the third round.

Canada’s victory means it will face either Germany or Finland in the final.

At least the first semi-final did not become an audience success. A lone Canadian flag had been spread in the auditorium, someone was banging the drum wearily, and it was difficult for everyone else to identify whether they were invited guests or spectators who had bought their tickets with their own money.

Be that as it may, there were only a handful or two of them either. Very, very few Latvians could afford to pay 220 euros for semi-final tickets. And my own team is not even involved.

The United States was supposed to be a big favorite of the match, but the game looked different.

The second installment at the latest confirmed the notion that Canada really wants the World Cup final. And that’s where it went.

Canadians should already be playing golf, sunbathing, grilling.

The team lost the first three matches in the first series, and before Canada, no team had survived the semi-finals after such a start.

The Lions had the opportunity to throw Canada out of the tournament in a mutual match. Did not work out. Had Germany and Latvia played a tie after that, Canada would have gone on their travels.

United States started the match especially. The team was defending the midfield, the players were draining down to their own territory and there was no information about the bitter.

The start was well suited for Canada. The team took over the game, and one of the numerous attacks became the opening goal. Defender Sean Walker rose up, and a shot from the return disc Brandon Pirri riveted the Canadians to the lead.

The goal was both easy and typical for Canadians who actively strike loose discs from one match to another.

Pirri also represents Canada playing in Riga at its most typical. He has played 13 seasons in the NHL, but as many as eight of them sailing between the NHL and the Farm League AHL.

Very few Europeans tolerate such bouncing and instead choose the Eastern League from the KHL or some other old continent series.

When the clock ran in the first set, the Americans began to skate and cling to their own way of playing. Colin Blackwellin steering paint Christian Wolaninin the blue line shot was just a matter of time.

The handicap was at 17.17, and pretty much from the end, the US ran Canada in a trough like a string.

Canada took over the beginnings of the lots, and so did the other. The best way to stifle fast-paced play in the U.S. was to hit from above, and that’s exactly what the Canadians are aiming for.

In the third set, Canada kept the extracts to itself and controlled the game. The result was visible and their tournament continues in the World Cup final.

In the first block, the USA crushed Canada 5-1, but there was no information about such a rally in the semi-finals.




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