Helsinki | Helle got the people of Helsinki to go to the Swimming Stadium in large numbers: A long queue meandered in the area even before the doors opened.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the swimming pool may take in half of its normal number of customers.

Helsinki The swimming stadium lined up in a long hose on Sunday.

A journalist from Helsingin Sanomat, who regularly floats at the stadium Kaisu Moilanen says there was a queue even before the stadium opened.

“The doors open at nine, but the queue was long at half past one.”

In the morning, the queue reached the nearby basketball court. Moilanen, who has been at the stadium for years, has not seen such a long queue at the gate before.

However, he said, the queue pulled quickly.

Drug stadium may take in 1,000 people, or half of their normal number of clients, due to coronavirus restrictions. According to visitor monitoring, the Helsinki Swimming Stadium had 980 people at one time on Sunday.

During the corona period, season card holders also exceptionally have to queue at the swimming stadium. According to Moilanen, however, a separate box office has sometimes been opened at the stadium, where admission can be paid for with a card.




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