France My Frenchman barked at Islam in the some: Now 13 people are accused of threatening his life

French President Emmanuel Macron defended the young woman by recalling that in France, criticism of religions is perfectly legal.


In Paris a locally terrified and closely monitored trial was launched on Thursday, in which 13 people are accused of death threats against a young woman.

The 18-year-old woman has had to change schools and has 24-hour police patrols.

A French TV channel, for example, reports this BMTV, the news agency AFP and the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC.

Just by under his first name Mila a well-known woman published a video in January 2020 on the image service Instagram, barking at Islam and the Koran, for example, describing Islam as a “shitty religion”.

Mila was 16 at the time.

Mila published her second video in the video service Tiktok after a Parisian teacher showed her students caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. Samuel Paty was assassinated in a terrorist attack in October 2020.

Milan the lawyer said in a lawsuit that began on Thursday that since her first Instagram release, Mila has received a total of more than 100,000 hate messages. Among other things, they have threatened to do the same for Milan as it did for Samuel Paty.

“I can’t get over the fact that my principal lives like a hermit even though he hasn’t violated any French law,” said a Milan lawyer Richard Malka to the French BMFTV.

“Imagine his life, he can’t move in peace anymore, he can’t go to an internship, all the doors are closed to him.”

Milan ten men and three women are accused of threats against them. They are between the ages of 18 and 30.

According to the news agency AFP, two people have already been sentenced to prison for threatening Milan.

At least one 23-year-old who sent death threats to Milan was convicted as early as October. He received a three-year sentence.

The 13 people now on trial can face up to two years in prison and fines of up to € 30,000 for cyberbullying.

According to Le Monde magazine those accused of the threats represent several different religions. So they are not all Muslims.

The defense attorney for one of the defendants told AFP that his client was reacting to his speeding.

“He got a pretty silly, immediate reaction. The kind that happens on Twitter every day, ”the lawyer said Gerard Chemla said.

BBC’s According to Milan lawyer Richard Malka, he had previously told radio station France Info that he was shocked at how unaware the perpetrators were of the consequences of his actions.

Malka told France Info that the accused are not fanatics. At the same time, criminal liability had come as a surprise to many.

“I can’t believe these 13 people have gone through our school system and don’t know that criticizing religions is legal and in no way related to racism,” Malka said on Thursday, according to AFP.

French according to the laws, freedom of speech gives the right to criticize religions. The same has been recalled by the French President, who has commented on the Milan case Emmanuel Macron.

“The law is clear. We have the right to mock, criticize and caricature religions, ”Macron said, according to AFP.



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