Football The Owls are honing both downstairs and upstairs in the final preparatory game against Estonia

Head coach Markku Kanerva reiterated that striker star Teemu Pukki may be seen in action.

Men The national football team will play their general training for their European Championship finals starting next week when they face Estonia at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on Friday.

The starting points are different from last week’s Sweden match: now all future European Championship openers are in use.

“I’m not revealing now which group to leave with. Well, here are the two Lords (sitting at the briefing next to the coach Jukka Raitala and Robin Lod) who did not play in the Swedish game, and there may be others (such) against Estonia in the opening. Many are sure to wonder if the Estonian opening line-up is the same as what we are going against Denmark (in the European Championship opening game). Well, everyone can come to their own conclusion, I won’t reveal it, ”head coach Markku Kanerva said with a laugh.

Kanerva reiterated that the attacking star Teemu Pukki may be seen in real action against Estonia. According to the coach, Pukki’s rehabilitation from his ankle injury has “gone very well”.

Estonia may not fully optimally serve to prepare for opponents many degrees harder. Of course, the encounter on Friday night offers a certain grind.

“Creating goal scores is one of the key things and putting the doors on the latch and seeing your opponent not score goals. If you are thinking about succeeding in the European Championships, it is important that the defense works so well that your opponents do not get to dangerous finish points, ”Kanerva summed up.

Owls Raitala and Lod, North American MLS League players who have joined the group, will also see the value of the Estonian game.

“This is the last game where a team can be welded together,” Lod noted.

“As a defender, it feels like a bit too much has been played on my own lately. I hope to be able to hit the defense in the lock and get a zero game, that’s at least one big goal. It’s also great to have fans at the fair, ”Raitala thought, referring to the 1,250 spectators who made it to the Estonian game.

Thursday also appeared job mail when the topper Sauli Väisänen The European Championship dream crumbled bluntly after the back injury in the Swedish match turned out to be worse than expected. Väisänen will be replaced by Lait Defender in the European Championships Nicholas Hämäläinen.

Replacing a topper with a winger raises questions, but Kanerva assured that Raitala, who plays as a topper in his club team, can fill the place.

However, a certain drama was raised on Thursday by a topper Juhani Ojala, whose drop from the European Championships team was a bit of a surprise and caused Ojala to unleash his disappointment on Wednesday To MTV.

Ojala, who considered himself a confident European Championship player, said that he felt humiliated after the decision.

Kanerva said that he had told Ojala, like the other fallen, that “anything can happen”. However, according to Kanerva, Ojala had stated that “this is here”. However, Ojala denies that he refused.

“I have never refused the position of deputy,” Ojala said on Thursday To MTV.