Football Ilves women’s head coach on the sidelines on Sunday – Mika Lahtinen apologized for his behavior

Lahtinen, who used a sub-style language, also made headlines in Sweden.

Football Tampereen Ilves, who plays in the national league, travels to Sunday’s away match against Kuopio Ball Club without his head coach Mika Lahti.

Lynx informed Lahtinen’s absence on Saturday on his website. Lahtinen is on the sidelines because his behavior is being considered by the Football Association’s Disciplinary Committee.

Lahtinen was guilty of gross language in a match between Ilves and the Helsinki Football Club on May 29 after his team’s easy loss of the ball.

“Fuck, what a whore after all. Fuck these touches of ours, ”Lahtinen said.

The shout would appear to be directed at the underage player who lost the ball. Lahtinen denied this on Friday and continued on the same line on Saturday as well.

Coach said in a statement sent out on Saturday that the words he used when cursing were wrong.

“I sincerely apologize to the players, the club, the National League and the Football Association, but at the same time I want to emphasize that they are not an indication of my own world of values, which my years of work certainly speaks for itself,” Lahtinen wrote.

Lahtinen stated that he had acted in a way that was against the club, the team and his own values.

“My case has progressed to the disciplinary proceedings of the Football Association, and the discipline will determine a fair punishment for me on the matter,” he wrote.

Lahtinen’s language use has also made headlines in Sweden after the popular Fotbollskanalen news on the subject.




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