Equality Companies that hire trans people get tax benefits in Bangladesh

In a conservative Muslim country, the employment of transgender people is difficult.


Indian Bangladesh, between Myanmar and Myanmar, intends to offer tax benefits to companies if they employ transgender people as their employees.

A conservative, Muslim-majority state wants to support a minority group of about 1.5 million people through tax cuts.

The gender identity of a transgender is in conflict with the sex determined at birth. Minorities in Bangladesh face discrimination and violence, and often transgender people drift to earn a living by begging, sex trafficking or crime. Transgender people may also have to flee their homes due to mental and physical violence, and their employment is difficult.

“I suggest special tax incentives to increase employment and living standards and social and economic integration of third-sex people “, Bangladesh Minister of Finance Abu Hena Mohammad Mustafa Kamal announced the annual state budget at the time of publication.

According to the minister, the state would offer a 5 percent tax cut or replace 75 percent of the wages of transgender people if the company hires 100 minority workers or if they account for 10 percent of the total workforce.

In addition, the threshold for minimum taxation of transgender people will be raised.

Minority President of the advocacy group Sadakalo Hijra Unnayan Sangha Anonnya Banik says the news is good.

“But we don’t want it to be political propaganda,” Banik notes.

He also hopes for additional measures, such as an interest-free loan and additional tax cuts, for transit-led businesses.

Bangladesh still has an old law that punishes homosexuality with imprisonment. Penalties under the law are rarely distributed today.



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