Editorial The city of Shit became a city of culture


Oulu is the European Capital of Culture of 2026. Perhaps the grantors of the title did not think about the historical development of the city, but the decision can also be taken in recognition of the change.

Back in 1986, Oulu-based artist Kauko Röyhkä summarized the feelings of the cultural people in the song Shit city. The old wooden blocks had been destroyed because the money was talking. Culture had been squeezed between the divine spirit landscape of North Ostrobothnia and sports. The statue and atmosphere of Toripolliisi were created from the press.

The rise of Nokia and the university began to enrich the city both financially and spiritually. For example, Oulu is about what happens when you don’t close the doors. Open, youthful and innovative, these characterizations are now well suited to Oulu.

Hopefully the recognition will drive the change even further. If Oulu wants to increase its attractiveness and develop culture, the decision-makers of the associations must give priority to the development of the center of Oulu.

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