Editorial In the puck loss lies the seed of victory

The overtime loss to Canada was bitter, but the main tournaments will be played in a year.

Belarus Due to the crisis in Latvia alone and due to the coronavirus epidemic, the World Hockey Championships, which were played almost without a crowd, were inevitably intermediate matches, although it did not feel so due to Finland’s great performances. The overtime loss to Canada was bitter, but silver was a great achievement from an inexperienced team.

The strong tournament shed a great foundation for next year, where head coach Jukka Jalonen awaits the culmination of his great career: the Beijing Olympics. Finland has won three World Championship golds, so the list is no longer missing Olympic gold. Finland now has a real golden generation in the NHL and perhaps the best value tournament coach in the world in Jalonen. The combination is creepy.

With spring still ending for the World Cup, one can hope that this spring’s disappointment will be offset in a year’s time with interest.

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