Construction The Kaarela wooden school, which was completed at the end of the 19th century, will be renovated from floor to ceiling: “We are downright excited about repairing a rare log building”

The old log school had gotten in bad shape over the years.


Helsinki The wooden school, completed in 1893 in Kaarela, is being renovated from floor to ceiling using traditional methods.

Indoor air problems were detected at the Kaarelan unit in Hoplaxskolan, and investigations that began last year showed that the repair contract was large.

The building had been in poor condition over the years. Now the lower floor of the house will be completely rebuilt, the upper floor will be strengthened and the building will have a completely new water roof.

The renovation is the responsibility of the City of Helsinki’s Stara enterprise.

“We are downright excited to renovate such a rare log building,” Stara’s construction manager Jari Mikkola says in a city press release.

Log school the renovation will be carried out in accordance with the instructions of the Helsinki City Museum.

The façade colors of the renovated school will match the originals and the trim strips around the windows will also be made according to the old designs. Stara’s own carpenters have been responsible for renovating the windows.

Although the building had found itself in poor condition, its log frame turned out to be largely in good condition.

“Some of the floorboards and the original interior panels could also be preserved,” Mikkola says in a press release.

The renovation of the school is scheduled for completion next fall.



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