Congo | UN appalled by massacre in Congolese migrant camps, calls for stabilization of security in the region

Attacks on migrant camps at the end of May killed 57 people, according to the UN.


Congo attacks on migrant camps in the eastern part of the democratic republic in late May killed a total of 57 people, seven of whom were children, the UN said on Friday.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) expressed its appalling atrocities and called for a stabilization of the security situation in the region.

In addition to the dead, several were injured in the attacks and, according to UN data, 25 people were abducted. Dozens of accommodations were burned.

“Family members told UNHCR partners that several of their relatives burned alive in the houses,” an organization spokesman Babar Baloch said.

UN according to the attacks, there was an ADF group linked to the extremist organization Isis, which has also been accused of several other bloodshed this and last year.

As a result of the attacks, almost 6,000 people have been displaced in the province of Ituri, which already has about 1.7 million refugees.



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