China | China bans high-risk sports race, fatal in 21 deaths in May

The competition that led to the deaths has sparked a debate about the safety of sports competitions.


China suspend all competitions in high-risk sports whose safety is not adequately regulated at national level. The ban is based on an ultra-running race held in May, in which a violent storm that struck in the middle of the race resulted in the deaths of 21 runners.

According to the country’s sports authority, the ban applies to mountain running, ultra-running and jumping, among other things.

Authorities have not said how long the ban on high-risk species will last. According to news agency AFP, it is also uncertain whether athletes will be allowed to continue training the sport during the non-competition period.

Fatally the end of the ultra-running race has sparked a debate in China about the safety requirements of sports competitions and hopes of tightening the laws related to the race.

The tragically ending running race was held in the northwestern part of the country in Gansu near the city of Baiyin in the mountains. In the midst of a hundred-kilometer race, a fierce storm began to ravage participants, with 21 riders dying as a result of hypothermia.

According to news agencies, many runners participated in the race with very little equipment. Many were wearing only t-shirts and shorts.

AFP: n according to long distance running is very popular in China. According to the Chinese Athletics Federation, there were 40 times as many marathons in the country in 2018 as in 2014.

The increase in the number and popularity of competitions has brought with it side effects such as poorly prepared competitors.



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