Borders Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson doubts that STM’s entry bill will not pass the Constitutional Committee if it is not amended

According to HS data, the bill will be amended at least so that in the autumn the requirement for a second test and quarantine will no longer exist.

Rkp: n the President Anna-Maja Henriksson considers that there is a risk that the draft law on border security prepared by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) will not pass through the Parliament’s Constitutional Committee if it is not amended.

“STM’s model is so strict that I can’t say whether it passed the screening of the Constitutional Committee or not. My hope is that a model will emerge in Parliament that has the potential to be approved by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs. It is in the interest of us all, ”says Henriksson.

The Board has addressed the new entry model several days.

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The controversy is especially about the point in STM’s proposal that a newcomer would have to take a test in Finland three days after entering. He should also wait for a test in voluntary quarantine if the passenger has only one dose of vaccine or just a negative test result.

According to the tourism industry, this rule would drive tourists elsewhere than to Finland. Already the knowledge of a possible rule has frozen tourism.

HS: n according to the information, the government will agree at least that the requirement for a second test and quarantine will not be extended, at least in the fall.

There is still a debate about whether and if these restrictions should be removed from the proposal altogether in August, September or when.

The government has also agreed in practice that coronavirus-related certificates will not be required for people under the age of 16 when they arrive in Finland.

Henriksson raises two statements from the Boundary Round.

In its statement, the Ministry of Justice pointed out that the restriction of fundamental rights must be necessary.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), for its part, said that the proposal does not take sufficient account of the increase in vaccine coverage in Finland.

According to THL, the increase in vaccine coverage will make it possible to partially abandon the second testing of tourists in Finland without a significant deterioration in health safety.

According to THL, this would reduce the burden of testing on municipalities and facilitate testing.

Mr Henriksson also emphasized the importance of free movement in the EU and the need for the proposal to be in line with EU law. The goal should be a common model within the EU, he says.

Henriksson does not take a position on whether, in addition to the country of origin test, the second test in Finland and the related quarantine should only be abandoned completely when vaccine coverage in Finland is higher than at present.

“THL, as an expert organization, has to take a stand on this. It is an epidemiological assessment. Airlines need to get an adequate view of what’s coming and when, ”he says.

“Now that we’ve lived with this coronavirus for over a year, we notice how easy it is to impose restrictions but how difficult it is to dismantle them in a balanced and step-by-step manner.”

Henriksson says that Finland’s corona policy has paid off. “We belong to the countries that have fared the best. Now you also have to learn to live with the virus but so that it is under control. ”

The government was due deal with the border law on Thursday day, but the time of the ministerial group dealing with the matter has surprisingly elapsed since it dealt with it sote performance.




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