Athletics Three-jumper Simo Lipsanen’s experiment failed: Technology could not yet jump at full speed

Lipsanen did not reach the big points in the Olympic rankings. Christin Hussong threw a field record in the women’s spear.

Olympic season a well-started three-jumper Simo Lipsanen was disappointed in the Paavo Nurmi competition. Lipsanen jumped in the race with the highest expectations and boldly at full speed, but the result was a modest 16.23 and fourth place.

At the opening of the season on June 2 in Jyväskylä, Lipsanen made a promising effort to 16.68 meters.

“There was a lot of good in Jyväskylä’s jumps. I jumped there at a short pace, and things went well. Now I switched to full speed, and the performance did not take control, ”Lipsanen said.

“The result was sluggish. It doesn’t really feel warm when there would have been good points for the Olympic rankings. ”

Next the competition would be available in Espoo on Thursday, but Lipsanen does not believe that he will return to it. With these prospects, he will compete next in the European Team Championship in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in less than two weeks.

“The probable scenario is that I will return to a shorter pace in the next race,” Lipsanen said.

In addition to the Olympic venue, his goal is to jump to the other side of the 17-meter border.

“There should be opportunities for that.”

The Portuguese tried to win the triple jump of Paavo Nurmi’s competition Tiago Pereira with a result of 16.91. Also Italian Tobia Bocchi and Sweden Jesper Hellström wedged in front of Lipsanen.

Three a year ago European champion in women’s javelin throwing Christin Hussong was in the opening race of the Paavo Nurmi Games with his own meter numbers.

At the end of May, the German, who threw an arc of almost 70 meters, snatched a field record of 66.63 meters and won the second-placed Latvian Līna Mūzen more than five meters. Hussong crossed the 66-meter mark for the fifth time this season.

“I was a little tired because of the tough competitive pace. I am pleased with the result, but now there is a small break in the competition in place, ”Hussong said.

Jenni Kangas and Heidi Nokelainen threw the best of the season in international company. The fabric spear flew 56.48. Nokelainen snatched 56.04 at best.

“Evenly sticky series,” Kangas summed up his throws.

He threw the domestic top result of the season 57.11 in Vantaa Anni-Linnea Alanen was ninth in the race with a modest result of 52.40.




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