Severe Earthquake Strikes near The Border of Thailand and Laos


A strong earthquake hit on Thursday close to the fringe of Laos and Thailand, setting elevated structures influencing in Bangkok, and provoking, at any rate, one of the power plant in the city of Laos to suspend tasks for prudent checks.  None of the reports had anything of losses or significant harm from the earthquake, which had an extent of 6.1 magnitudes, the United States Geological Survey stated, and struck at 10 km depth, around 92 km north east of Muang Nan at around 6.50 a.m. The earthquake was felt crosswise over northern Thailand and also by individuals in tall structures far away from the capital, in excess of 600 km (400 miles) toward the south. Inhabitants close to the epicenter said they felt a few aftershocks.

Thermal Power Plant postponed activities, however, there was no noteworthy harm and power age would have the option to continue soon announced the Thai organization Banpu Power PCL that holds a stake of around 40% in the plant. The suspension ought not to influence power supply in the city of Thailand, the authority of the electricity generator EGAT revealed to Thailand’s Manager Online news website, including that Southeast Asian country could utilize gas-fuelled plants as the substitute. Thailand’s CK Power stated that the two hydropower dams it works in Laos, the recently opened the Nam Ngum plant and Xayaburi Power Plant were working ordinarily, unaffected by the earthquake.

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