Uber Comes Up With New Features for Security in UK

Uber establishes new safety features in Britain this week in order to battle with the authorities so it can keep its taxi operating license along with promoting better passenger safety. The new safety features include a discrimination button that allows the drivers and riders to report against the abuse, there is also enhanced safety training carried out for the drivers and a direct link to the emergency services. In the month of September, Uber was provided with operating license in London that was valid for two months, one of its most significant European markets, inability to gain five-year long license in a battle with the regulator Transport for London (TfL) which has taken away all the rights of Uber to carry out rides.

The two-month long previously provided license arrived along with “new terms and conditions to guarantee passenger safety” and TfL stated at the time that it looks for more details from the company. In the year 2017, Transport for London rejected the Silicon Valley Company’s license renewal request due to failings it said it found in its approach to reporting serious criminal offences and driver background checks. Uber was then provided a probationary 15-month long license in 2018. Drivers of London’s customary dark cabs have campaigned hard against a permit restoration, referring to wellbeing issues, working principles and the undermining of their plan of action. Uber says its approximately 45,000 drivers in the city appreciate the adaptability of their work and that it has just found a way to improve security for its travelers.

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