Chile’s Villarrica Volcano Is Spreading Panic Again, Orange Alert Issued

Chile’s Villarrica volcano is spreading panic again. Recently, gas and ash have started coming out from the volcano. Scientists fear that these are signs before the big explosion. In view of the danger, the administration has issued an Orange Alert and emptied the surrounding settlements. Villarrica, located on snow-capped mountains, is one of the most active volcanoes in South America.

The Villarrica volcano is one of Chile’s most active volcanoes. It is located in the middle of Chile at an altitude of 9 thousand feet. Lava is continuously coming out of this volcano. In view of its danger, all the surrounding villages have been evacuated. People have been sent to safer places. Earlier in 2015, large scale lava came out of this volcano. After severe explosions, lava and debris had spread far and wide.

In 2015, the impact of lava and ash emanating from it was seen up to 20 kilometers away. There was darkness all around and smoke was visible in the sky. It was a mistake that millions of people were evacuated to safer places before serious threat could arise.

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