Bacteriophages in Ganga-Yamuna Water, Can Cure Serious Diseases

There are often diseases in the body that even antibiotics cannot treat, because the bacteria in the body have also learned to fight against anti-biotic. In such a situation, a scientist in the Institute of Medical Science at Banaras Hindu University. Gopal Nath has prepared a healing treatment by taking bacteriophages, with the help of which the most serious diseases can be treated.

Dawn During research, Nath found that bacteriophages can be found everywhere, but their biggest source is Ganga, Yamuna, Ghaggar etc. in the country. In a river whose water will not be clean, bacteriophages can thrive well. On the occasion, when this treatment was used, diseases like canker also started recovering in the bone.

Dawn Nath said that some types of bacteriophages should be tried on patients suffering from burns or infections, which was successful. Some Kharagesh were also used. Larger infections can be eliminated with the help of bacteriophages. Research found diabetic and non-diabetic diarrheal individuals to be used. It should now be used in medical science. For this, the process of getting permission from the government agency is being implemented, the diseases were not getting well for 5 years, it also brought positive results. Bacteriophages means bacteria eaters. Wherever bacteria are found, bacteriophages exist to eat these bacteria.

These bacteria are present in all places including water, earth, and air, in many parts of the body. In Asan language, where there is bacteria, there will be absence of bacteria. These bacteria keep killing bacteria. Some bacteria die in this process, some remain, they also live bacteria and bacteria also live. Dawn Nath said that we take bacteriophages that are effective on the related disease and inject it in place of the disease, which is called healing. Bacteria begin to eat the bacteria present in infection.  Healing is given daily for several weeks. Every day there will be changes in the disease. Former Vice Chancellor of SVBPUAT University of Meerut, Dr. Gaya Prayad says that in living things, people say that the number of mosquitoes is the highest in the world, but the highest number of these bacteria is in the world. Space, sea and sewerage have the most bacteriophages.

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