14 people die in a river during communal baptism due to rising


South Africa

The authorities have recovered the bodies.

The authorities have recovered the bodies.

According to EMS, 33 people participated in the ceremony and 15 were dragged away.

At least 14 people drowned this Saturday in the metropolitan area of ​​the city of Johannesburg, in northeastern South Africa, when they were swept away by the current of the Jukskei river while celebrating a baptism, reported the emergency services.

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“From 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. we have managed to recover 12 bodies. If we take those 12 and add them to the two that we already recovered yesterday, they add up to a total of fourteen,” the spokesman for the Medical Services of City Emergency EMS, Robert Mulaudzi.

“There are some areas that we still have to explore, which will perhaps add (deaths) to the fourteen that we have (…) We will continue tomorrow,” said Mulaudzi.

According to EMS, 33 people participated in the ceremony and 15 are believed to have been swept away when a storm raged causing a flood of the stream.

So far, the response team – made up of police officers and EMS members – rescued one person alive who is receiving medical treatment.

“Perhaps the message to our residents is to be cautious when performing these kinds of rituals to make sure…that safety measures are in place so that we can prevent incidents like this,” the spokesperson said.

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